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I love him when he lies
Cause I know he is lieing
He lies to make me happy
I hate it when he lies with pride
If he lies and change
I still love him.




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She has pride
She is beautiful
She is classy
She hardly put a smile on her face

They think she’s rude
They think she’s arrogant
They think she’s not nice     
Buh deep down her
she has regrets
Regret of being nice
Regret of letting people in her life
She just want to live

her life
Avoid people
Avoid  being sad
Avoid having  regrets anymore.


When I speak.

Looking in to your eyes,

I speak with passion.

When I hug you,

I speak with love.

When you stare at me,

I speak with pride.

When I speak beside you,

I speak with honesty.

When I speak I remember you all the time.

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The Journey Begins

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I was sitting alone when I suddenly have that passion for blogging.

So I started thinking of what should I blog about, how and where?I started seeking advice from friends and family.some say if I want to blog I should be geniu,some say I should just blog about what am good at,some say what motivate me.so i thought of blogging what ever come to my mind and what i feel like sharing,like seeking advice,interacting, I really do appreciates all the advice you all gave me.I hope you all will enjoy my post… Htpp://aishaiahmed.WordPress.com