When I speak.

Looking in to your eyes,

I speak with passion.

When I hug you,

I speak with love.

When you stare at me,

I speak with pride.

When I speak beside you,

I speak with honesty.

When I speak I remember you all the time.

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I was sitting alone when I suddenly have that passion for blogging.

So I started thinking of what should I blog about, how and where?I started seeking advice from friends and family.some say if I want to blog I should be geniu,some say I should just blog about what am good at,some say what motivate me.so i thought of blogging what ever come to my mind and what feel like sharing,like seeking advice,interacting, I really do appreciates all the advice you all gave me.I hope you all will enjoy my post… Htpp://aishaiahmed.WordPress.com